New York & Long Island Criminal Defense Attorney

When you are facing criminal allegations for violation of local, state or federal laws, your freedom is in jeopardy, perhaps, even your life. Chances are, your family relationships also will suffer.

“Our philosophy and goals are to expertly guide our clients through the complexities of the legal system by aggressively and creatively dealing with judges, prosecutors, jurors and others in order to obtain the best possible results for every client."


A Family & Criminal Law Practice

Located in the heart of Long Island New York, the law firm of Marianne S. Rantala, P.C., focuses its practice on criminal defense and family law. As an attorney with many years of experience, Marianne Rantala has successfully represented clients in a broad scope of criminal and family law matters. She understands what you and your family are going through. She stands ready to defend your legal rights and fight for the best outcome possible.

Criminal Defense

Our law firm represents individuals and businesses charged with New York State and Federal offenses:

• White collar crime – bank, Medicare and wire fraud, embezzlement • Assault and battery
• Aggravated assault
• Domestic battery
• Simple and aggravated battery
• DUI and other traffic offenses
• Drug crimes
• Possession and sale of narcotics
• Conspiracy to possess, distribute and import narcotics
• Illegal alien smuggling
• Prostitution
• White collar RICO
• Gang RICO
• Violations of probation
• Grand and petit theft
• Burglary
• Murder and other capital crimes

Representing Indigent Persons

Attorney Marianne Rantala accepts State conflict and Federal CJA court appointments to represent indigent persons charged with the above criminal offenses.

New York Divorce & Family Law

Our firm’s family law practice encompasses the following categories:
• Contested and uncontested divorces
• Modification actions
• Contempt motions relating to violations of family court orders
• Temporary and permanent restraining orders and orders of protection
• Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements
• Child custody issues
• Paternity actions
• Adoption

Contact a NY Criminal Defense & Family Law Attorney

If you have been accused of a crime, suspect that you are under State or Federal scrutiny or are coping with troubling family law issues, you will need an experienced attorney to protect your legal rights. Call the New York law office of Marianne S. Rantala, P.C., at (631) 627-3433 to find out how we can help. There is no charge for an initial consultation for criminal cases and a modest consultation charge for matrimonial or family law cases.